Elesine Dantienn (R.Ac, R.TCM.P)

A Way to Wellbeing

Elesine Dantienn (formerly Justine Kerridge-Judd) is a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and has worked as a Registered Acupuncturist (TCMP/R.Ac) and Chinese Herbalist for the last 11 years. She studied at the International College of Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, BC, and in Cheng Du, China. She is a member of the CTCMA of BC and the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). She works closely with chiropractors, kinesiologists and massage therapists in the area of sports medicine. She has a strong focus on pain (acute/chronic), gynecological health, hormonal balancing, fertility, adolescent acne and pre- & postnatal care. Prior to her Chinese medicine studies Justine completed a B.Sc. in molecular biology and cell genetics at UBC, and two years of neuroscience research.

Elesine has trained as both a Kundalini & Ashtanga yoga teacher in Vancouver BC, New Mexico, USA and Europe. She pursues studies in yoga & meditation and offers these as adjunct therapies in her treatment plans.

Elesine was born in Northern BC and raised in the Okanagan. She moved to Vancouver in the early 90’s for educational pursuits and took her first trip around the globe in 1994. She has since traveled through Europe, Asia and India, teaching and studying yoga & Chinese medicine. She returned to Vancouver in 2008 to have her son and enjoy the beauty of the west coast culture and land. Exploring new cultures and medicines is a passion she continues to pursue and enjoy.

She is ever grateful to serve her community and enjoys guiding, teaching and sharing tools for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.Type your paragraph here.