A Way to Wellbeing

​​​Elaine Choi, R.Ac, R.TCM.P began her training at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver in 2003. After she graduated in 2007, she continued her studies in Korea at the Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion Academy for 2 additional years. While at the academy, she studied under the guidance of NamSu Park, a well known Korean TCM doctor specializing in acupuncture and moxibustion. She also volunteered as an acupuncturist and moxa specialist in a local community clinic. She practices Korean Traditional Yoga and truly believes we can achieve optimal health through the combined treatment of body and mind. She wishes to share her knowledge and experience by treating her patients with compassion and love.

Elaine H. Choi  (R.Ac, R.TCM.P)

Commonly treated conditions:

* Pain Management(Back pain,  Sciatica, Neck/Shoulder, Headache/Migraine etc.)

* Stress/Anxiety/ Depression

* Chronic Fatigue / Edema

* Digestive problem

* Respiratory problems

* Infertility

* General wellbeing

* Alternative Cancer