Heather Brown(R.Ac)

A Way to Wellbeing

​​​​Heather Brown, R.AC., is a graduate of the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She has a strong interest in the connection between psychological and physical ailments, within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has seen her own health improve   from regular acupuncture, healthy diet, and exercise. TCM views mental and physical health as intrinsically connected, and acupuncture can treat both simultaneously.

Heather comes to the career of Chinese Medicine with a broad work background that includes the film and t.v. industry, certified yoga teacher training, and support work for adults with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and addictions.

She is originally from a small town on the sunshine coast of B.C., and has had the privilege to live, work, and travel in several countries. These experiences have contributed to an ability to approach her practise with an open heart and compassion for her patients.

HOURS Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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